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As part of the Muggletonian Library Project the Muggletonian Press is committed to republishing historical Muggletonian documents in their entirety (copyright permitting). All publications are freshly typeset and typographically modernised where necessary, however archaic spellings and language will be preserved. The intention is to provide ready access to historic Muggletonian documents for the first time in one hundred and fifty years, with many publications being available for the first time in over three hundred years.

Many of the works are extremely rare and difficult to obtain. It is hoped that the availability of these documents will encourage the study of Muggletonianism on both a personal and an academic level. All our publications are available to purchase via internet book retailers (i.e. Amazon or The Book Depository for the UK or from their overseas affiliates) or may be ordered through the trade. These volumes have also been published as eBooks in a protected EPUB format and are available from Lulu. We are also happy to supply volumes directly and are willing to negotiate generous discounts in respect of multiple orders. We have now completed the publication of the entire library in ten volumes, covering some 4,400 pages and 1,880,000 words.

The volumes are:

The Collected Works of John Reeve: The Muggletonian Prophet

Print Edition-          978-1-907466-00-7
Ebook Edition-        978-1-907466-10-6

£25.00 Print
£10.00 Ebook

This volume contains the collected works of John Reeve (1608-1658) the founder of Muggletonianism, a religious sect that survived from 1651 until well into the twentieth century. Muggletonians believed that the spirit could not be separated from the body, that God was a man between five and six feet tall and heaven was six miles above the earth. They fought the Quakers with great venom, in the process developing a vibrant and unique theology and apologetic. This volume contains fresh imprints of all John Reeve's published works together with some more modern literary references to John Reeve.

492 pages.

The Collected Works of James Birch: Prophet of the Muggletonian Anti-Followers

Print Edition-          978-1-907466-01-4
Ebook Edition-        978-1-907466-11-3

£30.00 Print
£10.00 Ebook

This volume contains the collected works of James Birch, the Welsh prophet and visionary who split the Muggletonian Church, both before and after his death in 1800. Birch published two books in his lifetime, with a further collection of his letters being published after his death. All three works are included in this volume, all newly typeset and typographically modernised. These works are very rare, yet they reveal a little known and fascinating chapter in British religious history.

628 pages.

The Muggletonian Works of Laurence Clarkson: The Onely True Bishop

Print Edition-          978-1-907466-02-1
Ebook Edition-        978-1-907466-12-0

£25.00 Print
£10.00 Ebook

Laurence Clarkson (1615-1667), the self styled "Captain of the Rant", was the unacceptable face of religious radicalism. He traveled through the various churches of his time, embraced sexual freedom for a time and finally came to find peace under the teachings of the Muggletonian prophets. Clarkson unsuccessfully challenged for leadership of the sect, a failure that cost him his livelihood and his literary freedom. This book contains all Laurence Clarkson's surviving Muggletonian works, all freshly typeset. In particular this volume contains the full texts of "The Right Devil Unfolded" (1659), "The Quakers Downfal" (1659), "A Paradisical Dialogue Betwixt Faith and Reason" (1660) and "The Lost Sheep Found" (1660).

254 pages.

Muggletonian Celestial Harmonies and Divine Songs

Print Edition-          978-1-907466-03-8
Ebook Edition-        978-1-907466-13-7

£25.00 Print
£10.00 Ebook

A full understanding of the development of Muggletonian theology requires a study of the Muggletonians rich and varied hymnology. For a small sect they produced a large library of songs of thanksgiving, especially in view of their rejection of prayer and religious services. Their hymns were sung to popular tunes with two separate collections of songs being published, the very rare 1794 "Celestial Harmony, or Songs of Grateful Praise" and the 1829 "Divine Songs of the Muggletonians" This volume contains freshly typeset texts for both the 1794 and the 1829 collections.

436 pages.

The Collected Works of Lodowick Muggleton: Works on the Book of Revelation

Print Edition-          978-1-907466-04-5
Ebook Edition-        978-1-907466-14-4

£25.00 Print
£10.00 Ebook

Following the death of John Reeve in 1658 Lodowick Muggleton faced a revolt against his leadership of the Muggletonian church while at the same time desiring to consolidate the theological developments he sought to make to his predecessors legacy. In this context Lodowick Muggleton's chose an exposition of the eleventh chapter of the book of Revelation for his first solely self attributed work, with the 1662 "A True Interpretation of the Eleventh Chapter of The Revelation of Saint John". Rather surprisingly Muggleton revisited this topic in 1665 with the publication of "A True Interpretation of all the Chief Texts, and Mysterious Sayings and Visions Opened, of the Whole Book of The Revelation of Saint John". This book contains the full texts of both Muggleton's works on the book of Revelation together with the 1894 entry in respect of Lodowick Muggleton from the "Dictionary of National Biography", newly typeset and presented in one volume.

386 pages.

Later Muggletonian Interest: Academic, Literary and Scientific

Print Edition-          978-1-907466-05-2
Ebook Edition-        978-1-907466-15-1

£25.00 Print
£10.00 Ebook

The arrival of Muggletonianism in 1651 heralded a storm of polemical outpourings. As time passed these public disputations faded from the historic record and the movement gradually disappeared from sight. With the advent of the nineteenth century a fresh interest in Muggletonianism gradually developed with Muggletonianism also seeking to interact with the world that had forgotten them. This contact led the prominent unitarian Alexander Gordon to write his ground-breaking studies of the church, laying the foundations for modern Muggletonian studies. This volume contains the fruits of these nineteenth and early twentieth century studies and interactions, including texts from: Lives and Portraits of Remarkable Characters (1819) by James Caulfield Two Systems of Astronomy (1846) by Isaac Frost Varia: Readings from Rare Books (1866) by J Hain Friswell The Origin of the Muggletonians (1869) by Alexander Gordon Ancient and Modern Muggletonians (1870) by Alexander Gordon Bibliotheca Anti-Quakeriana (1873) by Joseph Smith The Prophet of Walnut-Tree Yard (1884) by Augustus Jessopp Lodowick Muggleton: A Paper Read (1919) by George Williamson English Sects: An Historical Handbook (1921) by Arthur Reynolds.

280 pages.

The Collected Works of Lodowick Muggleton: Quakers, Witches and Acts

Print Edition-          978-1-907466-06-9
Ebook Edition-        978-1-907466-16-8

£25.00 Print
£10.00 Ebook

Following the death of John Reeve in 1658 Lodowick Muggleton faced a revolt against his leadership of the Muggletonian church while at the same time desiring to consolidate the theological developments he sought to make to his predecessors legacy. Lodowick Muggleton's first solely self attributed work concerned the Book of Revelation, however the majority of his subsequent works consisted of spirited assaults on various Quakers (including such luminaries as George Fox, Isaac Pennington and William Penn), a distaste that was actively reciprocated. Muggleton also wrote a prescient tirade against the prevalent belief in witchcraft and a posthumously published autobiography, "The Acts of the Witnesses of the Spirit". This volume contains the full texts of the following works, newly typeset and presented in one volume. "The Neck of the Quakers Broken", "A Looking Glass for George Fox", "An Answer to Isaac Pennington", "A True Interpretation Of The Witch of Endor", "An Answer to William Penn, Quaker," and "The Acts of the Witnesses of the Spirit".

496 pages.

Early Muggletonian Polemics

Print Edition-          978-1-907466-07-6
Ebook Edition-        978-1-907466-17-5

£25.00 Print
£10.00 Ebook

The declaration of the Third Commission by the Muggletonian prophets and their followers generated a great deal of opposition, and in the style of the times this opposition often took the form of polemical pamphlets, often scurrilous in nature. The Muggletonians responded in kind with the flow of argument only subsiding as the Muggletonians withdrew from the public arena following the persecution and finally the death of their prophet. This volume contains the texts of this literature, the prophet Muggleton's polemical works have been republished by the Muggletonian Press in the volume "The Collected Works of Lodowick Muggleton: Quakers, Witches and Acts", this volume containing the anti-Muggletonian works and the responses of lesser Muggletonians. These works are often very rare and are only available with some difficulty, with the originals often being in very poor condition. These problems have resulted in some difficulty in accurately transcribing the original texts, however these problems only magnify the advantages of accessing these newly typeset works. This volume contains: The Lying Prophet Discovered and Reproved (John Harwood) 1659, Truth Ascended, or The Annointed and Sealed of God Defended (Richard Farnworth)1663, Something In Answer to Lodowick Muggleton's Book (George Fox) 1667, The New Witnesses Proved Old Hereticks (William Penn) 1673, Observations on Some Passages of Lodowick Muggleton (Isaac Pennington) 1668, A True Account of The Trial and Sufferings of Lodowick Muggleton (Nathanial Powell) 1676, The Blasphemer Tryed and Cast (J.B.) 1676, News From the Sessions House in the Old-Bayly (B.H.) 1676, A Modest Account of the Wicked Life of that Grand Impostor, Lodowick Muggleton (B.H.) 1676, The Proceedings of the Old Bailey 1676, Muggleton Reviv'd or, New News of that Grand Impostor (D.M.) 1677, Muggleton's Last Will & Testament (J.B.) 1679, A True Representation of the Absurd and Mischievous Principles of the ..... Muggletonians (John Williams) 1694, An Ellegy on Lodowick Muggleton (E.O.) 1698, A New-Year’s Gift For The Ratcliff Convert To Muggletonianism (J Sharpe) 1717, Observations on Some Articles of the Muggletonians Creed (Caleb Fleming) 1735, The Principles of the Muggletonians Asserted (Arden Bonell) 1735, Truth And Reason Defended Against Error And Burning Envy (W Henderson) 1728, A Conference Betwixt A Muggletonian and A Baptist 1739 and The Amorous Humours and Audacious Adventures of one WHD 1760.

If anyone wishes to exchange their copy of the previous edition (292 pages) for this expanded revision just send the front cover to us with your name and address and we will send the revised copy for no charge.

358 pages.

The Collected Works of Thomas Tomkinson & John Saddington: The Muggletonian Disciples

Print Edition-          978-1-907466-08-3
Ebook Edition-        978-1-907466-18-2

£30.00 Print
£10.00 Ebook

Thomas Tomkinson (1631-1710) and John Saddington (1634-1679) were the outstanding (with the exception of the rebellious Laurence Clarkson) lay theologians of the early Muggletonian church. This volume contains the published works (newly typeset) of both men in their entirety, namely: Thomas Tomkinson "The Muggletonian Principles Prevailing", "Truth's Triumph", "A System of Religion", "The Harmony of the Three Commissions" and "A Practical discourse upon the Epistle by Jude". John Saddington: "A Prospective Glass for Saints & Sinners" and "The Articles of True Faith"

740 pages

The Collected Works of Lodowick Muggleton: Letters and Epistle

Print Edition-          978-1-907466-09-0
Ebook Edition-        978-1-907466-19-9

£25.00 Print
£10.00 Ebook

Lodowick Muggleton (1609-1698) has been fittingly described as the "Prophet of Letters", the Muggletonian church prospering under his leadership with two serious challenges to Muggleton's authority being soundly defeated. Muggleton's control over the movement was largely maintained as a result of the cultivation of his followers through lengthy letters of both a devotional and a practical nature. These letters provide a fascinating insight into both Muggletonianism and the seventeenth century in general This volume contains freshly typeset editions of: "A Volume of Spiritual Epistles", "A Stream from the Tree of Life" and "Supplement to the book of Letters"

430 pages